Powerful Molecular Test to Assess Patient Risk of Prostate Cancer

PCA3Plus® detects PCA3, a specific gene that is highly expressed in prostate cancer. No other human tissues express PCA3.

“We are pleased to be the first to provide the innovative PCA3Plus test for men at risk for prostate cancer. This test is the second generation of the hugely successful uPM3™ test, the first genetic test for prostate cancer risk available exclusively by Bostwick Laboratories since 2004. PCA3Plus uses technology that provides even greater reproducibility than uPM3,” said David G. Bostwick, M.D., M.B.A., CEO and CMO.

PCA3Plus tests for prostate cancer cells that are shed into the urine. The urine sample is sent to Bostwick Laboratories to be tested for genetic expression of the PCA3 gene. If the sample is positive for PCA3, then the patient has a very high likelihood of having prostatic cancer.

Improved method to identify patients at risk for prostate cancer.

  • Secondary test with a higher specificity than PSA thus assisting physicians with patients that have a negative prostate biopsy and rising PSA.
  • Genetic test looking at the PCA3 gene over-expressed in prostate cancer tissue.
  • Maximizes the specificity and retains an acceptable sensitivity reading.

Comparison of the sensitivity, specificity of PCA3Plus and PSA at predicting cancer/HGPIN/ASAP vs. benign.

  Sensitivity Specificity
PCA3Plus ≥ 35 54% 74%
PSA ≥ 4 83% 17%

PCA3Plus is based upon reagents manufactured by Gen-Probe (San Diego, California). PCA3Plus is a trademark of Bostwick Laboratories®. uPM3™ is a trademark of DiagnoCure (Quebec City, Quebec, Canada). FDA approval received Januray 2012